All around me, illusion plays tricks on me, deception wreaks havoc, though everything looks the same. There is coldness, deathlike and creeping through every inch. The house that breathed now drips mildew feeling the lack of you. The food sits untouched in the fridge, the heating makes no difference to the bone broken, lack life, skin that I’m in.

Betrayal 5

My heart beats still but the resounding echo whose voice it followed no longer chimes its soul mate beat. Inside the anger rushes through me like a fire that burns, like the passion, only a few weeks ago. Can love die in the midst of its warmth? Can this screaming, inside my head, ever stop? Can my endless visions of you, that make my pulse race, my body arc, in ecstasy, be only ghosts of dreams that die like dust? Your eyes, the depths of your soul, your heart no longer mine? Sobs rise from the pit of my soul, gushing like a river spewing forth from the depths of a cave.

This surely is the greatest punishment, thrust from loves warm embrace to splatter the street with endless tears. A house, soulless, stark, dreary. The echoing walls, an empty shell, worn, lost, hopeless. I hear your words over and over in my head. Questions rise and I hear your answers come, I know your heart so well. It is so acute at times that I almost think you are inside of me. For a moment, here and there, that connection but no, it is severed like a head from the body, the bloodied corpse lies bleeding whilst the executioner wipes her blade and walks away.

a betrayal 4

How sorely one can be cut through, damaged, burned, betrayed. Broken, lost and wretched; my face beyond its bloom, eyes sunken, arms wasting where once they held your gaze and body close. Every moment ticks past, doggedly killing each long, strangling minute, worthless without you. All pales into insignificance. You are free but I am chained in this frightening tragedy.
a betrayal