At the moment I have started writing a novel and hope to get it done in the period between now and starting my second year at university. It seems that there is so much to do both practically and creatively that I feel as if there will not be enough time to do all of what I wish to do whilst being off of Uni. I am excited about the novel, I hope to incorporate my love of herbs and my love of all things magickal and witchy in the same book.


Today I gathered some more Hawthorn, carefully and not all from the same tree, just a few blossoms from each tree. This was made up into a fresh tincture. I am really looking forward to it. My tincture that I made of berries and flowering tops previously, tastes so much better than the one I had bought. Also, I allowed time for all the little creatures to move on to other plants and trees before rinsing and chopping up the flowering tops.


I gathered some more nettle tops today. It is getting late in the season now and so, soon, I will be gathering the seeds instead. I make up a juice for myself and my daughter using the nettle tops. I mix them with two oranges, one to two apples, a little bit of fresh ginger and half a lime juiced. This is then mixed with a bit of apple juice and put in the blender. I then press it all through a sieve and keep the pulp and put it in a jug with added water and leave in the fridge overnight. This diluted version is an added extra, which I drink. The main juice that I have strained, I drink straight away and my daughter does likewise. It really helps when you are feeling exhausted and having to do a mad full on day/days. Nettles are packed full of wonderful nutrients and vitamins. I picked them away from traffic and busy roads and not near farm buildings where bacteria might grow.

Yesterday I strained out the herbs from the tinctures I made and put the liquid in clean bottles. My tinctures are growing in number. However, one I made as an experiment, does taste particularly horrible. I will test it out on me, to see if it makes any difference! Also, made a Salvia officinalis, commonly known as Sage, tincture yesterday. This is the first time I have grown sage successfully in the garden. So I am excited about the tincture. I will also be making a Melissa Officinalis _ Lemon Balm tincture, when I get some more amber bottles. That too is growing in our garden and I am very proud of her!

I hope to make up some oregano and Melissa honey, but that will have to wait until Friday.