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After my blog, Square pegs and round holes, Two herb related workshops have come to my attention. One is a two day workshop with Green Lane Herbs. This is an informal gathering with discussions on various herb related subjects. What is particularly great, is they believe in whole plant medicines (not just isolated constituents). They have a medicinal garden and dispensary. I am so pleased and relieved. I am definitely going for this workshop.

As well as the above workshop, there is a workshop every third Tuesday evening run by Christopher Hedley and Nicole Freris. It is called Healing Foods and Plant Medicine. I went on to their website and could have cried! The workshops are about connecting with plants, working with them and learning from them and about them. It includes plant folklore and stories as well as their medicinal aspects. These workshops go on every month for a year. Unfortunately, I have missed the first one but hope to attend next Tuesday. Sounds fabulous and just what I need to redeem my faith in humanity.

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It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many plants out there, that can heal so many illnesses. That to me is a huge, precious gift from both the herbs themselves and from Mother Earth. At Uni, where medicinal means, isolating specific constituents and making judgements from them upon the whole plant. They research whatever constituent is deemed to be responsible for the primary action of a given herb. The fact that all the constituents work together in synergy is sadly lost on such ears. Today, though, I feel I have some good company to help keep me sunny and warm through the coldness of science. Sanity restored!