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This post is about an idea that came to me a few days ago after seeing the endless, annual swamping in shops and on tv about diets. These are usually, aimed at women and the underlying message is get thin and you’ll look sexy or words to that effect. However, have you ever asked yourself why you keep going on diets?

Do you ever wonder why they don’t work? Or at least why they don’t work long term?

No, this is not another diet advert.  I think diets are seriously bad for women’s health. This is not just my opinion. Health wise, yoyo dieting, as it is called, is very bad for you physiologically. Another words, it does physical harm to your body.

So, what was my idea?

Well, it is about starting a group where women can learn about who they are and what they really love doing. It is about discovering how their own gifts can take them to where they want to go. It is also about support, from other women in the same boat.

Why am I saying this?

Because, following your heart and your dream and being more of who you truly are, brings true joy and happiness. When you are happy and satisfied with your life, your confidence grows along with your belief in yourself. The joy is not something that you can buy or borrow or get from religion or whatever, this is an internal joy that grows and makes you literally glow.

So what has this to do with diets?

This has to do with happiness and self esteem. This in turn gives you two possibles: your own self image and worth changes and so does your need to prove to someone else that you are worth it. This in turn means that your weight is part of you and pretty soon may either stabilise or begin to change into what the right weight should be for you.

So, this has to do with doing lots of things together, like finding out, together, what each of you loves and doesn’t love. What makes you tick. It is finding the right exercise for you, a little at a time. It is looking at eating what you love but maybe cutting down the portion just a little. Or looking nutrition and maybe discovering new ways to make eating enjoyable without over doing it. It is about dealing with issues that harm you like stress, little by little, together. This is about learning to relax and to find your own natural ability to cope with stress, and when it is becoming too much,  how to deal with that in a way that is right for you.

In short this is an all round programme that, as a group of women, you do together. To start with, I can give you some tools, as can my daughter, to use and grow into your own unique tool kit. What is really great, is that each of you in the group bring your own skills and experiences and stuff your really good at or would like to develop and eventually, you can each run together, without me or my daughter. Only now, you know who you  are, you are happy with who you are and you are going to utilise all that you are for yourself, your family and friends. Who knows, even your community might benefit!

So, to recap, this started about diets. It is an all round way, whilst supporting each other, to becoming you! You might lose weight in the process, you might not, I can guarantee you will have fun and discover things about yourself that you never knew or that you buried along time ago. So, if you are interested in having me help you with others in your area, let me know. Go to www.oaktreecentreofhealth.webs.com for my contact details.