It saddens me how much christianisation over the last two thousand years and particularly in the last thousand years, has so successfully warped people’s minds  that people believe without question.  The Church has made specific, targeted  attacks on women  and also upon any persons who might be a threat to their power, throughout its history. This is well documented, now, as people have begun to uncover the past that was deliberately left out.

Christianisation was sold to the people in much the same way as products are sold to us today. They appeal to the heart, subliminally inspire guilt and fear ……. – think ads regarding children’s items or cakes for women – ‘bad girl!’ They also engender fear, sometimes covertly, other times more overtly. All of us, even those of us that have struggled to remove the chains of religion in the western world, still find our lives governed by it in one way or another. This is simply because christianity is woven into the very language and culture of our countries. From head of state to lowly citizen, we are governed by its overt moral code, its guilt, its avarice, its power (perceived and actual) and its petrifying fear of death and dying  and obsession with good and evil.

You could say that christianity has done its job so well, we have it in the very core of our being, in our bones. This can be shown by the following few examples:

Saying ‘Oh God!’ or ‘For God’s Sake!’

‘Bless you!’ after a sneeze


Father giving daughter away at her marriage 

The wedding dress


Your ‘christian name’

Swearing on the bible in court

‘Go to Hell!’

The words, evil, wicked and damned

The relationship between Church and State – e.g  The Queen and the Church of England



History and Pre History

BC and AD

The above are only a few examples but show how much christianity is a part of the fabric and language of our culture, even with all the changes that have and are happening.

I will give an alternative example:

If I say the word ‘Witch,’ what is your first and immediate reaction?

Is it to:

Laugh and say that’s the stuff of fairy tales

Laugh and say I don’t believe in all that rubbish

Feel fear

See it as a derogatory term given, in the main to women who aren’t behaving the way we want them to

Think they are of the devil

Think they are harbingers of evil

Think they worship satan

Think they run wild and naked,  indulging in  perverse sexual and indecent acts

Think this is an old, haggard, ugly woman                                  

Think this is a batty, old woman

Think this is a wanton seductress

Think this is a sorcerer who will curse you

Think this is a wicked woman

Think they should be avoided like the plague

Think they are doomed to hell.

Think they should be burned at the stake.

If you are truthful, you will probably pick at least one of the above.

Sadly, through history these concepts have been sold to us for centuries. Even those who would define themselves as witches may still carry some of these predjudices.  Certainly in Wicca, there is an emphasis on taking responsibility for your own actions and not harming anyone. Many of todays wiccan’s try to live exemplary lives, offering themselves for healing and support in much the same way as some christians will. There are many others who do not identify as Wiccan, who serve their communities, known and unknown.

Part II – The Witch